My Interview w/ Blavity!

It’s pretty dope when the people and brands you admire – admire you right back. Here’s a snippet of my interview with Blavity…

3 (Insanely Simple) Things 2015 Taught Me That Changed My Life

I could sit up here and rehash the “ups and downs” of the year as it now comes to a close – but that’s pretty obvious. We all suffered some, cried some and sailed through the heavens on a life-sustaining high a few times. I’m sure we all failed at something this year and also┬ácompletely… Continue reading 3 (Insanely Simple) Things 2015 Taught Me That Changed My Life


10 Quick & Dirty Blogging Tips

I’ve had a chance to see the blogging community grow, stretch and change over the better part of a decade – and boy has it been an education.

I Don’t Want You To Like This – I Want You To DO This

Feeling warm and fuzzy about a post on abandoned animals might satisfy your own heart,
but your impact reach with quadruple in size if you actually pick up the phone
and call an animal shelter to see how you can help.

Read This When You’ve Had a Shitty Day

I don’t care if you’re bummed because you dropped your gold sandwich all over your diamond incrusted floor and it made you cry. If you had a shitty day – you had a shitty day.

Seven of the Biggest Health & Beauty Misconceptions & How to Smarten Up

You may have been operating under the assumption that these common health beliefs were true. Allow me to set things straight…

You vs. the Feels

Walking around with an attitude you can’t shake? Understand what it does to your body, why it’s silly to let it linger and how to clear the air – fast.

Cultural Appropriation vs. Actual Appropriation | A Pep Talk

On Cultural Appropriation: Are we really getting watered down, packaged and sold – or are we focused on the wrong elements of our culture?

The Body Shaming Issue

Body shamers have been comparing Kylie Jenner to Malia Obama. Here’s why that’s no different than date rape.

Single Mom Slaying | An Interview w/ Marie Young of Good Lookn Out

One person who has really impressed me when it comes to handling life’s hurdles is my good friend Marie Young, creator of GoodLooknOut. I sat down with her to pick her brain about her transition from married to single
…and how she manages it all with flawless nails.